White Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash

White, Bright and Almost Done

We are happy to announce that we are 80% finished the renovations in our tiny bungalow and we’re in love (with the house and each other)! We are starting to roll around whispers of decor, but since we are going to carefully curate and select every piece we have come to terms that it’s going to take some time to ensure it all comes together properly. Right now everything is super white and super bright.

Quick update.  Last week, the counter tops came in, we have all sinks and faucets functioning (with running water, I won’t mention if they all have hot and cold!), the dishwasher is purring away every other day, we have a stove and as of today – our wall oven will be connected to electricity! Our contractor has packed up and moved onto another job, so we are left on the hook for anything final.  Proud to announce we installed our own wall oven yesterday and are going to tackle a bathroom fan tonight. We tiled and grouted the kitchen backsplash and we are VERY pleased with how well it turned out.

White Subway Tile Kitchen Backsplash
White Beveled Subway Tile for the Kitchen Backsplash

Every morning we wake up and we are SO thankful for such a beautiful home. We absolutely love it and the end result is exceeding our initial expectations. The house is so bright, warm and open. Our bedroom is very very tiny, but we are designing solutions to fit our needs and paring down our belongings to fit our space. We bought the Malm Pull Up Storage Bed from Ikea with our gift cards left over from the Kitchen Event (score!), and while the bed was ridiculous to put together, it functions unbelievably well!! It really just pulls up, easy peasy.

Our New Bed Frame

Next we have to tackle our closet problem as there is no room for a dresser, so stay tuned for an Billy Bookcase Ikea Hack in the near future.

Kaara started watching You Tube videos on Kon Mari’s “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” and while we have employed exactly 0x any of her methods, we have given it lots of thought and like the idea of only keeping things that bring us joy. More on this later… one day.. maybe. The house is a mess while we slowly unpack, organize and de-clutter the belongings we brought with us, but it truly feels like our home and it’s like we have never lived anywhere else.

Follow our Instagram for more frequently updates on what we’re doing around Our Scandi House. Coming soon – the bathroom reveal! It’s awesome, if we do say so ourselves. Awesome and tiny.

Kaara & Stace

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