hex brass wall knobs coat hook

5 Sets of Wall Hooks That Will Make Any Space Look Stunning

Entrance ways are luxuries that many small spaces don’t have – our scandi house included. We need to get creative and are obsessed with the function and fashion wall knobs and hooks can bring to a space. Here we showcase some of the knobs we are digging right now while we narrow down our final decision.

hex brass wall knobs coat hook
Hex Brass Knobs by Light and Ladder

1. Hex Brass Knobs by the Light and Ladder Shop on Etsy. Expensive, but we like them because they bring warmth to a white room, look super minimalist and well, they’re brass!

wall knobs coat hook walnut natural wood
CB2 Walnut Knobs

2. These walnut knobs are super warm and totally bring the hygge when they’re not in use. Arrange in a pattern or design to add a creative element to the ho-hum action of hanging coats. Buy them here.

Nichba Triangle Wall Hooks in Black
Nichba Triangle Wall Hooks in Black

3. Love these black triangle wall hooks by Nichba and sold in Europe in our dear friend’s shoppe, Made Modern, which has sadly closed since posting this article. As a bonus, she did bring us these exact hooks as a house warming gift and they look stunning! They’re modern, they’re black, they’re sleek and minimal and add a nice focal point in a scandi home. LOVE. Now that we own them, I should mention they are quite small, but when installed properly they really do a good job.

wood knob coat hooks by muuto and themodernshop
Dot Coat Hooks by Muuto

4. These Dot Coat Hooks by Muuto and sold by TheModernShop.ca are in the front running for our hallway.  Love how you can arrange the colours and sizes into any design you desire, and plus, we can get our hands on them easily in Canada, as this merchant is in our city! Sold online too though, so go buy them here

hexagon honeycomb coat hook scandi
Hexagon Coat Hook by All Little Rockstars 

5. And last not but least, we think these hexagon coat hooks, made by an artist in Slovenia would really add a statement to a space. The colour pallette shown here is particularly perfect for any scandi house and they come in a variety of colours in case you’re looking for something different.  Get them here.

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