We are taking our love for creating to a whole new level by renovating our first home together in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.  We met in late 2015, fell in love quickly and while we have similar values, we could not be more different, but also could not be more perfect for one another.

Stacy is quiet, introspective, thoughtful and loving.  At first take she appears quite serious, but one will find out she’s actually the opposite. Hilarious, humble and quirky, she loves watching her football team, Manchester United, play every week at a local pub with eight older gentlemen and eating Kaara’s cooking.  She is the master of fixing things, making the bed and keeping order.

Kaara, on the other hand, is constantly thinking out loud.  She gets her energy off of friends and people, has a hard time sleeping at night because she’s so excited for what’s next and loves cooking for Stacy.  Arguably the more funny one between the two, she loves making her friends laugh, often is the source of her own humour and has a habit of telling it like it is.


We are got the keys to our tiny post-war home on February 28th, 2017 (which also happened to be Kaara’s birthday!) and started renovating it right away to make it the most functional, beautiful and cozy 576 sq. ft. home in Canada.

We would love to work with you! If you have a product you would like us to feature in our home, please contact us for details.